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Wedding Dress

Bring your delicate clothes to Gellibrand’s Excellence In Dry Cleaning in Calgary, and have them cleaned with non-toxic and odourless products. We offer the following professional services for cleaning and preserving of wedding gowns, christening gowns and heirloom clothing:

●  Steam finishing

●  Cleaning, boxing and preserving

●  Restoration

Properly cleaning your clothes plays a major part in protecting the delicate fabrics and prolonging their life. We also have solvent-free cleaning available for our eco-conscious customers. If you have questions about the products or methods we use, call or email our shop.

woman in blue dress

Hi Debbie. Just wanted to send a thank you note your way. My great grandmother’s Chanel 1928 dress looks amazing! I was so happy to have the chance to wear it for my bridal shower—it is especially nice to be able to return it to my grandma in better condition than when I borrowed it. Thanks so much! Attached is a “before” pic for you, taken at my bridal shower while opening gifts. Cheers.

- Ashel


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