Pursuing a More Eco-Friendly Way to Do Dry Cleaning in Calgary

In using EcoSolv® dry cleaning products we are doing our part in moving away from perchloroethylene-based chemicals. Also known as “PCE,” perchloroethylene has been blamed for contaminating the air, soil, and has now been classified as a Group 2A carcinogen, which means it is most likely carcinogenic to humans. 

As a hydrocarbon-based solvent, EcoSolv® is the next generation of dry cleaning products. With EcoSolv®, you will notice that there are no strong chemical smells on your clothing. This is just another thing to love about this product. While it is safer to the environment than perchloroethylene-based solvents, this is still a substance that needs to be taken seriously and used with care.

By following the proper procedures, using the latest formulations, and never disposing dry cleaning in an improper manner, Gellibrand’s is proud to be at the fore of eco-friendly dry cleaning in Calgary.


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